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Racking to secondary issues

Two part question:

anyone know the formula for approx. % of alcohol by Vol. for OG reading and the FG. Had 1048 OG and 1010/11 FG after racking to secondary.

also had issued with autosiphon. noticed small stream of air bubbles as it did it’s thing. Am I in trouble ? 10 gal. on the line.

sorry, have one more. the bung kept popping out of one of my 5gal glass carboys.WTH

Here are some handy links.

Possible your beer will have a short shelf life because of the O2.

The bungs can have issues when wet.

ABV is (OG-FG) x 0.133, so in your case it’s (48-10)x0.133 = 5.1%

It’s quite possible that the bubbles in the autosiphon were CO2 coming out of solution, not air. Tighten your wormscrew a little to see if you can eliminate the bubbles.

Sanitize the bung, then wipe it with cheap vodka and allow to dry for 10-15 seconds and it’ll be squeeky dry and will stick to the glass.

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