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Racking issues

Ok so I’m still new and I’m using the 1gallon kit from NB. When it comes time to rack I stick the siphon in the jug and lift up and press down slowly and it hardly has any beer come through. What am I doing wrong? It’s inconsistent and slow to bottle these things. Help ?

Do it a couple times and make sure your receiving vessel is lower down

Definitely have my bottles lower and the jug on the counter. So up and down a few times? I’ll have to try it next time

Slow isn’t necessarily bad. When racking you want to limit O2 uptake as much as you can.

Just practiced racking with some water and the pumping method and that worked much better. Thanks for the help

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AND the jug your pulling from, put something under on edge so it tilted… The low spot is where your pulling from… Yes be careful of sediment… and that last little bit will suck some O2 up with it so be prepared to not put that in your bottle, rather have a sample right there. Sneezles61

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