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Racking: Dry Hopping and Gelatin

Hi all,

Working on my IPA and will be dry hopping in the secondary soon and would also like to try gelatin for clarity. My question is: Do I rack on top of both the gelatin solution and the hop pellets? Wasn’t sure if this would cause any issue, so turned to you all for answers.


After primary completes(1week-/+). I usually give the beer another 3-7 days for VDK rest. (Most ales I ferment around 60f so I raise to room temp for both VDK and dryhopping.)
Then dry hop directly in primary for 4-7 days.
Then crash cool primary to drop most everything.
Then rack to secondary.
Leave at cool temps again for around 3 days to a week and rack to keg.

I have never had a need for gelatin and have crystal clear beers.

Most folks dry hop at fermentation temp (as above). And gelatin requires the beer to be cold (if chill haze is the issue, otherwise not sure why gelatin would be needed).

So it would make most sense to me to do the dry hop first and then chill for the gelatin addition.

The chilling will also let the rest of the hop material drop out.

But I don’t think you want to leave the cold beer on the hops for too long so once the gelatin has done it’s thing get it into the keg.

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