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Racking beer into kicked keg

Feeling lazy have another hefeweizen getting ready to transfer into a keg. My last hefeweizen is just about finished. Normally I wouldn’t even think about it even though I know some folks do this already. I’m thinking about racking right on to any yeast sediment leftover in the keg. Should be purged already after I drink the last pour.


I have done it. Just like you are thinking. As long as it just kicked and hasn’t been hanging around having been chilled an filled with CO2 I don’t think there is much risk.I have also just given the keg a rinse with hot water and filled it up. With a Hefe the extra sediment won’t be a problem since hazy is OK


I’ve done it but not on something like an IPA which leaves alot of sediment behind

I’ve done it on an IPA and it was fine. You get a little haze for a while but it cleared pretty fast.

You have officially gained “lazy brewer” status. Have at it and welcome to the dark side.

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Ok I’m in. Actually I do have a solara keg going that I’ve never opened kind of afraid to


I am laughing!

Couple of you guys remember Greg Muller.

“It had beer in it. I’m putting beer back into it. Why would I clean it?”

“I clean my beer lines every day. With beer.”

Probably not completely accurate quotes but darn close and philosophically accurate.


Greg was a wealth of knowledge. Wonder what @mullerbrau is up to these days…

Greg was a wealth of knowledge with a sweet setup. Wonder what @mullerbrau is up to these days…

He hasn’t been on here in a long long time and his website has been disabled for at least two years.

I’m still kickin and doing well. I retired last fall at the age of 59. I still brew 20-25 gallons at a time quite regularly. My kids are all grown up and moved out and I built kegerators for each of them. My website host let the site die without letting me know. I’m on Facebook though.
How have y’all been?


Speak of the devil and he shall appear! Glad to hear you’re still brewing and doing well Greg!


When the past needs consulting… DannyBoy will be the medium to bring a blast from the past into the light of today!!!


Hey Greg nice to see you around. If it’s like ever other retirement I hear about you are more busy now! Glad too see you still brewing!

Great hearing from you Greg. Glad all is well with you and yours!

@mullerbrau and his website were a big influence on my process and brewcart build. He was one of the veteran brewers who made this forum my go to for friendly knowledgable advice when I was just starting to brew.

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Now that @mullerbrau is back I have a question about the video filling bottles from the tap. I did it and it work fine for a few roadies but the beer oxiginated fairly quickly. Started counter filling from the bottom again. Do you use that process for long term and if so how do you keep they from getting oxiginated?

I still use a similar method and have yet to get a beer oxygenated. My current process is similar. I just fill at serving pressure now and don’t shut off gas and vent keg pressure. I get bottles real cold in ice water/iodophor solution, draining each one just prior to filling. Some of these beers are 10 years old and still fine.

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Iodophor? Your making me feel old just knowing what that is :grinning:

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