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R.I.P sad day

Well today’s a sad day for me :frowning: I came home from some appointments I had to take care of when I heard this dreadful noise. It was like a high pitch squeal so I turned the corner into the bar/kitchen area and there he was on the floor my best friend in the spot where he always waits for me and i could tell by the sounds coming from him that he was dying. He was old but I had hoped he would live another year or two…my poor poor kegerator you will be missed.

No kegged beer for a few days but life goes on.

So I’m brewing a SMASH beer in his (yes my kegerator was a he) honer.

Like I said sad day but now I have a excuse to go buy the biggest chest freezer they make and start a whole new project :slight_smile:

Here’s to keggie, may he be reincarnated as a walk-in cooler at a microbrewery.

Rest In Peace Ale

Man, I thought you were talking about your dog or something! Had me going! Kegerators are easily replaceable fortunately. Sorry for your loss. What is “honer”? :wink:

They make a darn good harmonica.

Lol honor stupid auto correct let me do it.

Dang, I thought it was a dog too and then I teared up when I saw it was a kegerator gone bad.

Yeah dogs are cheaper to replace than kegerators.

Yeah dogs are cheaper to replace than kegerators.[/quote]
Yeah I hear you!

They make a darn good harmonica.[/quote]

Hohner… :cheers:

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