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Quick temp question

I just added my 180 degree water to my original mash that was at 150. I used 180 because that was told to me to be best. I was trying to get to 170 degrees for ten min than get first runnings. after I added the 180 waster 3.5 gallons, it only went to 160. Is this a probablem or is that good.

Please quick response I just started my ten min timer.

Well it is in the kettle should be interesting to see if there is anyhting crazy.

I’ve never been able to reach 170*. Even adding boiling water.

I believe the notion to reach 170* is to stop the enzymes from working. When we are making 5/10 gallon batches, either fly or batch sparging, the wort gets up to 170* fairly quickly in the boil kettle. To reaching the 170* in the MT is not as critical as if you are in a 10bbl system.

The other part of 170*'s is to have a less viscous solution. But, it’s not like you are trying to drain honey. The wort will drain out easily enough.

If you miss 170 on your mash out it’s not the end of the world. You may suffer a little on efficiency because it will not quite run as smoothly, but a lower mash out temperature allows you to use more sparge water then you could be better off. Take good notes and you’ll be able to dial the most out of your system.

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