quick question

2 of my buddies drink hofbrau munchen and were wondering if the bottles can be reused for homebrewing. the bottles are green in color and are not twist offs. any comments would be appreciated…thanks…rob

It’s likely that they can be reused but I would check the cap size to make sure the caps you get here fit. I don’t think I’ve ever had a green bottled beer that wasn’t skunked though. If you keep them out of the light you shouldn’t have that problem.


All of the imported German beers that I have fit the normal US cap size. It couldn’t hurt to check though. Definitely keep those things out of the light.

Green bottles won’t be a problem. You’re not leaving them on a well lit store shelf. Some bottles can be a problem getting a good seal with a hand capper, but a bench capper works. I’ve kept beers in champagne bottles for years with no skunk. Keep them in the dark.

thanks fellas much appreciated…rob

26 mm crown caps are a world-wide standard. The only exception I know of is European sparkling wine bottles (29 mm). Try one though before you start filling them. Some bottles don’t have enough of a ridge below the lip to allow a hand capper to grip properly. If you’ve got a bench capper, no worries.

I was keeping green bottles, Heinekin and Dos Equis. but when I had enough brown bottles I sent the green off as a gift, filled with hard cider. Never had a problem with the green, but I did keep them on a dark shelf.

Green bottles are ok for competitions.