Quick question on my first batch

I have a batch of American Wheat in the fermentor since Friday. For the first 3 or 4 days it had a bubble coming thru the airlock every 3 or 4 seconds. Now it is a bubble about every 5 minutes. The instructions do not say to transfer this to the secondary. Do I just leave this for the whole 2 weeks then bottle or should I transfer to the secondary? Or can it be bottled earlier than 2 weeks.
Not very quick I know

Others are going to tell you the same thing, don’t bother with the secondary. No real benefit to doing it in most situations. Just leave it in the primary for three weeks minimum and then bottle. If you have the ability to chill (cold crash) before bottling do it for a couple days before you bottle and it will clear up like you wouldn’t beleive.


On the first few batches it’s kinda fun to rack to a secondary. I did it, and I’d guess a lot of people did. Gives you a good look at your creation you’re brewing. But as Paul said, it’s not necessary. Let it sit for 3 weeks at least and it will turn out great.

If you want to play with it, then rack. But if you need something to do just brew another batch

I’m fond of leaving it in the primary for at least 3 weeks, most times 4. The bubbling in the airlock will slow after a few days and will stop eventually when the fermentables are all gobbled up. So don’t use airlock bubbles to determine when to rack or bottle. Do you have a hydrometer?

It’s probably going to be completely done fermenting in another 24 hours. Don’t rack it. Take a sample though and measure the specific gravity. Then wait 3 days. Then check gravity again. If specific gravity does not change at all in 3 days, you can bottle it and not have to wait longer. If gravity changes by a point or two, then wait 3 more days and repeat until it stops changing. Then you can bottle. No need to rack to secondary, just leave it alone.

Thanks for the answers. Guess I’ll leave it and check the gravity