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Quick question about making a mush tun

I have a 10 gal mash tun i bought online, never made my own.
Well it cracked today - time to replace.
Ive made 2.5 gal batches with it for the last few years and no longer need 10 gal
So i bought a 5 gal rubbermaid cooler which will do the job.

I went to the only hardware store in town to get the parts and dayum!!!

They have NOTHING stainless steel as im told to use, everything is copper.

They have all I need, the ball valve, joints, etc, but everythings copper.

question is will copper do the job?
I bought the hot water hook up already for the braid, cut it up and removed the center already
its the only stainless steel item they had, but as i said - i didnt buy the rest yet.
I dont want to have to buy it all online.

please say copper works :stuck_out_tongue: haha


i know it should work, copper is clean and whatnot, but im more worried
about the introduction of copper tastes.

Is the ball valve copper or brass? Copper is OK, look at the old kettles. Brass is fine also. They are more reactive with certain cleaning agents, so limit exposure.

Many people, myself included, use copper dip tubes and immersion chillers.

Are the parts on the old cooler not able to be used on the new one? Other than a false bottom, the rest should work just fine.

Good question, I assumed it was copper.
I know the pipe parts are, but the valve could very well be brass; i simply
did not look at it close enough.

was thinking about scraping this braid for a length of copper
pipe and drilling holes into that instead, for the filter.
Would that work, or would it be too slow?


[=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.] <— the pipe with holes down.

sadly not, the fitting through the walls dont match sizes.

Hole in the cooler to small? Dremmel

Wall thinner? Extra washers on the outside.

larger hole, how can i do that?
wouldnt exposing the inner part of the walls be a bad idea?

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