Quick question about BIAB

I’m an extract brewer and I’d like to give brew in a bag a shot. I like smaller volumes like 2.5 gallons, but I haven’t been able to find recipes for BIAB for a final volume of 2.5 gallons, as far as pounds of grain goes. I see there are a few 3 gallon BIAB kits available from NB. Does anyone know if I can split a normal 5 gallon all grain kit in half to end up with 2 separate 2.5 gallon batches?

Yes you can. Best if you can get the grains in separate bags. If NB crushes them all into 1 bag, you can still split them, but it will be nearly impossible to get everything 50/50.

Purchase a kitchen scale from any big box store or amazon to weigh things out. Find on in both English and Metric measurements.

Someone posted that they ordered this a couple days ago for $12. Now it’s $10

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009G1 ... UTF8&psc=1

Or you can order the parts individually.

Or you can build the recipe from scratch, this can often be cheaper than ordering a kit. When I started brewing I actually didn’t realize there were kits available (didn’t have any at the LHBS, and I didn’t join any forums until a couple years ago). As such, I have always built my recipes. This gives you flexibility for any size and makes it easier to adjust for brewhouse efficiency.

Cut a recipe right in half. It works great. FWIW, I have been adapting 5-gallon recipes to make 2 or 2.5 or 3-gallon batches for many many years. I go back and forth all the time as to how much I want to make. Switching from 5 gallons to 2.5 really is just as easy as dividing all the ingredients in half.