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Quick newbie question

I am about to make a batch of cider, and was curious if storing it in a closet with no light during the fermentation process will hurt it? I have a toddler at home, and just trying to keep it out of her reach. Thanks for any help.


A closet is a good place for it

I have never made cider. Is fermentation temperature control important?

I treat it the same as beer and use the yeast preference for determining fermentation temperature. They’ll make fusels and off flavors in a cider as they would in beer.

Some of the best cider I’ve had was kept in a wooden barrel in the shade behind a sawmill I used to work at. It was left on the wild yeast for the duration and I’m sure it got warm back there in southern New England. Un carbonated and strong ,old school. Never could get used to the carbonated stuff. I tried some in London but never could develop a taste for it. I’m going to experiment this year.

I’m going to try the same if I can get enough apples this year. Maybe a 1-gallon test with the wild yeast. Who knows what’s floating around in an old apple orchard!

I am going to test out some too this fall. Waiting for the local orchard to pump out some unpasteurized apple cider goodness.

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A dark closet is an excellent place, provided the temperatures are right. Do you know the temp of the closet?

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