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Quick gelatin question

gonna use gelatin for the first time in a few weeks. can i add gelatin to my primary fermenter before racking it into the keg? any advantages to using it in the keg over the primary?

You want to get the beer cold first, gelatin works better that way. The cold causes the proteins to come out as haze, then the gelatin grabs them and drops out. if you treat warm beer, then when oyu chill you can still get haze. Whether you do it in primary or secondary, doesn’t really matter.

If you plan on saving the yeast to re-use, wait until you rack to keg and the beer has throughly chilled for a few days before you add the gelatin.

sounds good; thanks! looks like I’ll need to cut the dip tubes in my keg a little

I don’t do that. After a pint you pull the stuff in the vicinity of the tube and the beer generally pours clear.

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