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Quick Gelatin Question

Hi All, I typically use some Knox in 2nd-ary and prior to kegging with much success in clarifying my beer. I’m on a time crunch for a batch I need kegged and carbed by months end. QUESTION: is there any problem Knoxing my beer in primary? If not, would I want to rouse the batch prior to pitching the gelatin? OR would it be best to simply pitch the gelatin w/o rousing? I figure a week to help with the clarification. Does my method sound sound?
Thanks, Mike

Why not put gelatin into the keg at the same time you put the beer into it and let it stand cold for a few days?

You know, I did that one time and much to my disappointment the gel (I assume) partially clogged my picnic. Ever since then I’ve clarified with gel prior to kegging. I’m aware that many brewers gel in the keg w/o prob’s.

For some one that has never used gelatin. Can someone explain what/how it’s done. And any gelatin fine? Can you pick it up at any grocery store?

There are a lot of posts on it. I make a 1/2 pack of Knox Gelatin per 5 gallons. Add 1/2 packet to about 6 oz. of cold water, stir and let ‘bloom’ or open up into the cold water 10 minutes. Pour into sauce pan and heat, gently stirring until very hot but not to boil or even simmer. Continuously scrape pan to keep gel from sticking. This should take about another 10 minutes. Let cool to room or almost room temp. I have always poured it into a secondary and then racked the primary into it. With the exception of one time, I don’t put it into the keg rather I siphon the secondary into the keg. I still try to keep as much remaining trub behind. After a pint or so, your beer should be much clearer.

thanks. will have to give it a try. Do you do this on all beers? or just certain ones.

I’ve been doing it on all my beers. I clarified a Hefe to the point you could read through it. Not sure if that appeals to everyone but I like clear beer. Like anything Brother Ken Lenard posts.

I just do it on beers that i want clear or beers that i will move around a lot. In the case of the latter I use gelatin to clarify then I move the clear beer to a serving keg. You can shake it up and still get a clear pour.

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