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Quick carb question

Hi All, I’ve read many posts on quick/force carbing but I’ve never done it. I have a batch of Innkeeper I want to have ready on Saturday. So, if I shut off my other two kegs and increase the batch of Innkeeper to 20-30psi for approx XX days, would/could I be good to go??? If so, what would you suggest for the psi and at how many XX days?

Also the W. Yorkshire yeast has not dropped out and the batch is quite cloudy. I know this will crash when placed in the keezer but do you think a week under cold conditioning will clear it some??

Thanks, MIke

What works for me is to set it @ 39F and 30PSI for two to three days, then drop to 20PSI for another two days, then bleed off the pressure and set it at 12-15PSI and pull a first pint to clear the sediment and see if it’s carbed correctly.

Thank you Shadtree. After much reading here, I suspected this would be a sound approach. From what I have in primary right now, the first pint is going to be muddy :?

I have definitely not mastered the art of quick carbing yet. Every time I try it I end over shooting my goal. So my one recommendation would be to check it FREQUENTLY. At least every 12 hours especially when you’ve got the pressure up around 30psi. Reducing the carb level is a painfully slow process.


If the keg is not cold, give it a full 18-24 hours to get to carbing/serving temp. I then put to 30 psi for 48 to 60 hours. Then turn back to 10-12 psi for a few days. It might not be perfect, but it won’t be over carbed and will get better as you drink it and have more head space to fill.

If you set it to the carbonation level you want, based on the temp/vol chart, and shake it 4-5 times a day you will get it properly carbonated without over carbonating it.

I do 35psi for 24 hours, check it and usually tack on another 12 hours if needed. Never do the slow method

Keep in mind that if you use high pressure to carbonate then lower the pressure if you don’t relieve the pressure by pulling the relief ring or press the gas poppet there is a chance beer will back up onto the regulator if there is not a check valve in the line. Ask me how I know :shock:

Release it a little at a time unless you are OK with a beer shower. Again ask me…

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