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Quick carb, connect beer line?

I have a question about doing quick carb in keg. Do you have the beer line connected at the time? I haven’t seen anyone mention this, and I could see both ways, but it seems that the beer in the lines is not actually getting any CO2, so you would have non-carbonated beer in the lines to start. Any ideas?

I always carbonate with only the gas line connected. You must have VERY long liquid lines if there is enough beer in them to cause you to worry about carbonating it.


Carbonate without the serving line connected. You won’t be serving until the beer is carbonated. Besides that the first beer that comes out is full of trub and I doubt you want that sitting in your lines


Me got a seprate. Line in my kegurator. What i only use for carbonating. Did plug up the. Beerline. Plug. So only a co2 line. Atached

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