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Quick broken hygrometer question

30 minutes into my boil, I dropped my hygrometer and broke off the very top. It’s a clean break - about the last quarter inch. I’m gonna order another but I need to measure OG in 30 minutes. Will it be accurate?

Put it in water at the calibrated temperature and see how close it reads to 1.000

Duh! I have me some high gravity water (1.030 or so). How cool izzat?

FWIW: My recipe says the OG oughta be 1.050 and the broken hydrometer read 1.075 or so so the error is more or less consistent.

I trashed the hydrometer and ordered 2 this time. Thanks.

If you really wanted to get a reading, you could sprinkle some sand or something into the broken part til the water reads 1.000

This is good advice. You got lucky that the business end didn’t break.

Also, order two hydrometers. That will guarantee you never break another one (in my experience), but you’ll have a spare if you do. :smiley:

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