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Quick bottling

Thought I’d share this technique. Most beer I keg but certain beers like wits and saison I like to bottle condition. First beers like this I’ll do a 3 gallon batch in my bottling bucket. I have my bottling wand on a 2" piece of tubing which I stick on the spigot and let it hang over the table edge. Learned this from @mattnaik. Then I pull out the air lock. Don’t open the bucket. Then I just fill the bottles an use @flars domino dot technique. I bottle the wife drops in the dot and caps. Cleaning is a snap and less risk of oxygenation


It would be nice if some of the old peeps would do a drive through the neighborhood and say hi… Sneezles61

That sounds interesting. I have to bottle up a batch of chinook IPA to give half to my sister in law.
Is it easy to estimate the carb level assuming I am using 12 oz bottles? But since it’s already fermenting in a primary non- bottling bucket I guess I can just stick to the standard procedure for this one.

Also isn’t there a lot of " stuff" at the bottom of the bucket after fermenting in it?

Naw… I never see it through a ceramic mug!:relaxed: Sneezles61

1 cube is .08sugar in a 12 ounce bottle that will give you 2.5 Vols. Put your bottling cane on the end of your soon tube an fill your bottles from the fermenter then stick your cane into the keg and fill like a big bottle. Of course only add the sugar to the bottles. I do this alot for batches bigger than my keg. As with any bottle conditioned beer you will get sediment

As for getting sediment in the bottles from the fermenter I tilt the bucket a few days before bottling and keep it tilted while I bottle.The first couple Oz’s toss or use to check gravity.

My primary fermenter is an SS Stainless Brew Bucket which has a small conical section below the spigot. That’s usually enough volume to hold the trub, and if it isn’t, I can always dump the first bottle or two that get a bit of trub. Better yet, I can follow Sneezle’s example and serve them in a ceramic mug (Sneezles has a gift for eliminating the unnecessary and simplifying things!)

Most fermenters with a spigot have enough space below the spigot for almost all of the trub. Even if the trub layer extends above the bottom of the spigot, you should only get trub in the first few bottles; dump them or deal with a little more debris in the bottom of the bottle.

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I mark the first couple and the last couple so I can pour accordingly.

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