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Quick batch

Haven’t been able to brew for a few months because I have been busy. So today I had some free time, but it is still crazy hot down here in so cal. I ended up brewing a session pale ale with DME that I had on had and some pacific gem and green bullet on my stove top. Did a 30 min boil with 2 gallons of water all while watching collage football in my underWear :stuck_out_tongue:.

I haven’t done an extract batch since my second batch over 5 Years ago. It was really fun and super quick. I might have to mix a few batches like this in from time to time when I don’t feel like doing 10gal all grain. Any all grain brewers out there bang out an extract batch from time to time?

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Absolutely. Sometimes you just want to knock one out and don’t have the time investment for a grain batch. About to just start getting back to grains now that I have some time again and the slaves…uh kids are old enough to help a little

Just popped the first top of a five gallon extract batch of brunch stout. It is excellent! First extract I’ve done in about 2 years. Yes, it was quick and easy. Probably do it again from time to time.



Went to brew store this morning and gave a hard thought about doing a extract brew. Something quick decided against it. Lately I been able to knock out a all grain and clean up in just under 3 hours today was Vienna lager bravo hops and mandarina Bavaria hops for bitter and finishing hops mandarina Bavaria. Think might be my new favorite hops

I agree. If I wanted to do something fast I would just do a three gallon full volume biab

Oh, I have definitely done an extract since moving up to AG. Although I admit they are usually PM batches, not strictly extract. People talk about the ‘extract taint’, but I think if properly done, an extract batch can be as good as an AG. It’s just that AG gives so much more flexibility in how you want things to turn out.

People can talk about “extract taint” all they want but I won 2nd place in a brew contest with an extract. It was funny hearing people that came in with a Flanders Brown (I like but definitely not for everyone) talking about his 90% efficiency and how people (in a popular taste contest) should judge based on the style. Like everyone there was a BJCP judge.

Nothing wrong with extra, I just like making wort.

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I think the extract twang people talk about is either old extract or under attenuated Beers. With fresh dme/lme and proper fermentation you should be able to make a very good beer using extract.

Do like the zoomin pale ale. A so cald 20 min boil

We escape south in our motor home for the winter and bringing along the 20 gallon brewery won’t work :cry: I do bring along minimal equipment to do extract kits. Kind of fun in the sunshine boiling a kit on the picnic table. I wait until I see them on sale here or Midwest and order a few.

Hey, it beats not brewing and you can get some pretty good beers out of it. So sure I do quick batches.

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