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Questions about snuffing out yeast

Not sure where to put this… So let’s start here…
I have a few crazy ideas about some future brews… I’ve wanted to develope a Christmas brew… I’d call it Santa suds… Here’s why I ask now… I need to brew a big, strong ale real soon. Let it mature until close to that holiday… I’m needing to "pasteurize " it so I can add a sweet cherry liquor to it… I don’t want to make syrup-ee concoction… but I don’t want it to do a secondary fermentation… It would be a sipper…
I’m thinking, I could pump it through a closed loop, through very hot water… Almost like an IC, but in reverse… Any ideas? I’m not wanting to do this chemically…
So I have a case of peaches coming in June… My starting point with pasteurizing… Make a small wheat brew and incorporate peaches… X-beerment Sneezles 61

Not really sure on how to pasturize. If you leave it in secondary. Let me. Read and look for some articals

I’m not sure but if you heat the beer until just before boiling and hold it there for maybe 15 minutes. The alcohol will start to boil off before reaching the boiling point of water. The boiling pt of etoh is about 175° but it won’t flash off until about 190° at sea level. Go to 180°. You can do it with your IC

If you’re looking to remove yeast, filter it.

Well, I understand that the boiling temp of alcohol is about 168*… So I don’t want too arduous with that… But just to snuff out the yeast… Filtering is an option… Which I didn’t think about… Yeast are about 3 microns? The gentleman that introduced me to brew said to just toss it in (that being the flavoring) I told him, Its more of the flavors and I want to keep intact… wasn’t going to just… well… Be a dumby… Or perhaps I am… You see I have vision… Keep thinking and I ask you to help me process this endeavor… Thank You… Sneezles61

You can pasteurize beer at 162F for 30 seconds. Your heat exchanger idea should work nicely.

You have an electic brewery right? Should be easy to setup a simple herms type heat exchanger. Bring the beer to 162, keep it there for 30 seconds or so. Done…thank you Louis Pasteur.

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They have all sort of additives to stop fermentation in wines. Why not explore those? What is the goal of the cherry liquor? Why not use cherries in the brew process and skip the liquor.

How about bottle pasteurization. That way, you don’t lose any ETOH at all. Bottle the beer with the cherry liquor. Fill one plastic soda bottle with beer. When the plastic bottle gets firm (not as firm as an unopened bottle of soda!), then hot water bath pasteurize the glass bottles. With your electric system and a pump, you should be able to make that work. I’m thinking putting the beer bottles in a cooler. Heat the water in your HLT, let it run into the cooler, and then have a pump at the cooler drain to push the water back into the HLT. When the temp reaches 165, hold it for at least 20 minutes.

MaGillacuddy’s makes a good cherry liquor that I couldn’t/wouldn’t be able to out do… I will use that… I want a nice hint of that on the tongue… Sneezles61

you could ferment out the fermentable with a diluted mini batch

I recently heard about bottle pasturizarion as someone else mentioned. The held the bottles in 180 degree water for a minute. That seems a little short to me for the amount of liquid volume in a bottle but it was mentioned on an episode of basic brewing radio.

First trial run I’d like to make a small wheat brew… And with the peaches… I’d chunk them, smash them and then rack onto them with pasteurized brew… Let them sit for a day or so then package… 2 concerns… Too hot and pectin haze… But then it’s a wheat brew… The other would be the growth of an undesirable bacteria … Peaches arrive in early June… I’ve got time to ponder… Sneezles61

I wouldn’t worry about haze it’s a thing now you know. It would be awesome to soak those peaches in Hennessy

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hhhhmmmmm, You may be on to something… I don’t drink any hard stuff… BUT, a friend gets bottles around the Holidays and has some… I’ll inquire tonight…
The haze thing… Wasn’t some of your first brews “hazy” WWWAAAYYY back then and were alright to drink? Mine were… Sneezles61

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