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Questions about brewing Waldo Lake

I am interested in brewing a batch of Waldo Lake Amber soon, but had a few questions first. The recipe calls for adding 1 pound of corn sugar at the end of the boil. I thought I have read before that corn sugar should be added once fermentation has been active due to the yeasts nature of eating simple sugars first, and possibly becoming to lazy to finish off more complex sugars, and possibly causing a slow or incomplete fementation. Is it reccomended to add it at the end of the boil as the recipe calls for, or should it be added 24-48 hours after pitching the yeast?

If the corn sugar is added to an already active fermentation, should the original starter be made for the 1.063 as called for in the recipe, or would a smaller starter be OK due to the originial gravity being in the 1.052 range due to the corn sugar not yet present?

One last question, if doing a full boil how would the hop schedule be changed. The 2.5 gallon boil calls for 1oz cascade FWH, 1oz magnum 60 min, and 1oz centennial 0 mins.

You are overthinking this. Add the corn sugar at the end of the boil. I promise you, everything will turn out just fine. If this was a huge beer with a gravity something like 1.100, then yeah, you might want to slowly feed the extra sugars over time. But for a 1.063 beer, no, it’s not necessary. The yeast will munch on all of the different sugars without any trouble whatsoever.

That beer is so good…

And I am not a big Amber drinker either. Just follow the recipe and it will turn out great.

I developed the extract recipe myself (I assume that’s what you;re using, since the AG version doesn’t use sugar). If it didn’t work great as it is, I would have changed it.

You’ll need to use brewing software to figure out what a full boil will do to the hops. Please DO NOT steep the grain in the full boil volume. Use about 2 qt. of water per lb. of grain.

@Denny, I have decided to try this brew next to see if I like it. My whole family loves Ambers and i want to see if this is the beer for my wedding next summer. Oh and guess what, I will be getting near Monmouth, just outside of Salem :slight_smile:

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