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This past weekend I brewed a batch of beer that I call Crane Creek Smokey Porter. It is bubbling away nicely and it involved a mini mash of Cherry Smoked grain and chocolate malt along with some amber LME, one and 1/2 pounds of honey and some dark DME. The SG after boiling was right at just a little over 1.100. I am looking forward to tasting it but am looking for a somewhat lower SG. I think I got more from the grains than I had anticipated. Which ingrediant would it be best to cut back on?

If it were me, the LME.

Yeah; I’d say the LME. That’s gonna provide the bulk of your sugars. What was the recipe?

Side note: I brewed a small experimental batch of Smoked Stout as my first BIAB. I used the Cherrywood Smoked malt and accidentally overshot my efficiency guess and wound up with a Imperial Smoked Stout at about 1.100. It’s been bottled and I almost opened one today but decided to hold out for another month or so to let it age. That said, I really liked the Cherrywood which had a very strong presence.

Sounds very tasty, though.

What OG were you going for? Did you do a full boil? If not, you may not have mixed your wort thouroughly, I doubt the PM gace you that much for fermetables.

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