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Question on the Megapot 1.2 and on burners

How are you liking it? I’m deciding on adding a second kettle or staying with my cooler. If i go with the kettle, I’m deciding on the 1.2 or another Bayou Classic. I do like the graduations for the Bayou as they are easy (at least for me) to read. For those who have the Megapot 1.2, can you post a pic of the inside of the pot? If you are one that went from a bayou to the Megapot, what made you decide that? Can you tell the difference between the two?

As for the burners, I have the Bayou Classic SQ14 (the square frame burner). I like it, but am wondering if I should step up to a better performing burner. I do like the all stainless Blickmann. That’s where I’m leaning. What do you all think about the Bayou’s banjo burners? Are they a step up from mine? I’ve noticed I’ve used a lot more gas trying to get to my boils, so that’s what has me thinking. The advantage of the Blichmann is the ability to add them to a top tier if I decide to go that route down the road. That’s where I’m leaning for now.

I just bought the 20 gal megapot 1.2 and the Edelmetal Brü Burner, unfortunately it’s been too cold to get a trial run on it. I do have a 10 gal original mega pot with a 40,000 btu burner and freaking love it. 20 minutes tops to boil, we’ll built, It’s the only reason I went with the new mega pot. The only feedback I have is it is very well built as well, just like the previous model with a thick bottom and heavy gauge sidewalks. It’s a very nice pot, I have no doubt it will pair well with the new burner. I do have a concern with the volume indicators though since they aren’t etched in, but hopefully they did their homework and this won’t fade with time.

Got any pics of the inside? I’m curious to see how legible the markings are. I figured they would be stamped in like on my Bayou Classic.


Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to resize it on my phone

No problem. I like the contrast. It makes it easier to see.

Appreciate you taking the time for the pics. Thanks again! :cheers:

Anytime dude, good luck on the purchase.

Are you wanting to mash in the kettle? I bought a kettle for this purpose and after 2 attempts went straight back to the cooler. What a headache. The Blichmann burner is nice!

I’ve thought about a second kettle for a mash tun. I’ve only used my cooler once since I mostly BIAB. I’m thinking a second burner will help me knock out more batches on a brew day. I could be doing the hop schedule for batch one, while heating up the water for mashing the 2nd batch.

I do like how the cooler holds temps better, but at least with a kettle, I could just fire up the second burner if I don’t hit the correct strike temp. My last batch with a cooler, a rookie mistake of not getting the water hot enough lead me to mash in too high a water volume to get the right mash temp. That batch took forever to finish since I had to boil longer than usual.

If I want strike water temp of 165 I will dump the appropriate amount of water heated to 180 in my cooler, then let it cool to desired temp before adding grain. This also pre-heats the tun. Works pretty good.

I may go ahead and splurge on the burner. My cooler has had some leaking issues (another reason of leaning to a 2nd kettle), but I ordered some flat silicone washers hoping that would seal better than the silicone Orings that came with the bulkhead I ordered.

I think I’ll work with the cooler more and see how it goes. I’ll try the method you mentioned Hades on my next batch, if I can get the leak fixed. Thanks.

IMO, Hoppyguy’s photo shows off the markings as MORE legible than they are in person. I took a look at one of the kettles when visiting the NB St. Paul shop, and it was difficult to read. Add steam from boiling wort, and I’d be surprised if the markings would be visible, let alone legible.

Speculation, I just brewed on it and it was easy as pie to read.

Silent, how is this any different than the etched markings, the only way it could be better is a sight tube.

I did fix my leaking issue. The flat silicone washer, and TON of teflon tape, done the trick. I might hold off on a second kettle but I think I’ll splurge on a burner.

Might have to wait a couple weeks. I’ve bought too many (as if that’s possible) kits here lately to keep me from buying other things for my little brewery.

Appreciate the help and advice gang. Thanks :cheers:

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