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Question on secondary for hard cider

The cider recipie I have says to secondary for three to four months. If I understand bottle carbonation ( and feel free to correct if I am wrong) what little live yeast is left consumes the priming sugar and a couple weeks later you have fizz. If I try to carbonate after four months in a secondary will I have enough yeast left to do the job?

I’m dong secondary for 21 days…because I have the desired taste right now.

I’m new to this but from what I’ve learned its about taste. Why let it sit for 3 months if the ABV is right and it tastes amazing now?

The priming sugar should be all eaten up by the time you rack it…thus the 1.0 on the meter.

I back sweetened then bottled. Left it out for 2weeks and cold crashed. Perfect fizzzzlllleeee…

If I’m way off…someone will correct me.

I’m doing the secondary to let it settle out more, also it looks like I’ll be in the 9% Abv so I’m hoping a little Aging will enhance flavor.

And I plan on adding the priming sugar as I rack in the bottling bucket. I was wondering if at that point if I would have ample yeast for carbonation.

After 3-4 months in secondary, you won’t have enough yeast left for carbonation. You could add a little fresh yeast though to do the job. It might take a good month or two to carbonate but with fresh yeast you might be alright.

Or… just don’t secondary that long. I only secondary mine for about 3-4 weeks, not months.

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