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Question on OG of my Bavarian Helles

I brewed a Bavarian Helles last weekend and took an OG reading as the wort was cooling. The OG that I read was 1.056, and the target OG, according to the kit, should have been about 1.049. The volume of my wort just above 4 gallons at the time that I took the reading, and I topped it off to about 5 gallons with purified water once in the carboy. In my haste, I forgot to take a second gravity reading after topping off prior to pitching.

My beer is now farting away in my cooler, and my question is, would the extra gallon of water that I added have brought the beer to the target OG of 1.049? Not that I’m overly concerned or would mind a slightly stronger final product, but I was just curious. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Well it is really difficult to give you a mathematical response when your volumes are approximate…about 4 gallons to about 5 gallons.

But you are apparently diluting by about 20% and thus about 80% of 1.056 seems to be about 1.045

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