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Question on Mark's Keg Washer

I use a Spiedel fermenter (

) and was curious if a product like Mark’s Keg washer would get a good enough seal to hold the carboy. If anyone else has any experience with the spiedels or maybe the new big mouth bubbler carboys, I’d be greatly appreciative. I’d like to get away from simply soaking my carboys, I know water’s cheap, but it seems like a tremendous waste.

Thank you

Mark’s keg washer doesn’t need a “seal” to operate. It simply sprays your cleaning solution into the vessel. It works for buckets so I don’t see why it woudn’t work for a Spiedel or the big mouth bubbler.

Agreed, I use it for carboys, kegs, anything that has an opening and can be turned upside down. I love it.

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