Question on Gaarden Hoe Brewing Process

I’m new to brewing and for my second batch I decided to brew Gaarden Hoe. In this recipe, it calls for the addition of coriander and orange peel towards the end of the boiling process. Obviously, this doesn’t dissolve into the wort, so I was left with the coriander and peels floating in the wort when I moved it to primary fermentation. Should I have filtered out this when I moved it to the fermentor? When I begin secondary fermentation, should I remove these or keep the coriander and peels in the mixture?

Just looking for clarification,

It won’t really hurt anything. I tend to pour it through some kind of strainer, or add them to a hop bag to remove them before primary, but not a big deal if they make it in there. I’d try to leave them behind if you’re transferring to secondary. Most of it should sink to the bottom once fermentation is complete, though, making racking easy.

I don’t think the coriander and peels will hurt anything. They will eventually settle to the bottom of your fermentor and you can rack from above and leave them behind -or if they don’t settle, just rack from underneath.

This kit is a wit, right? If so, no need for a secondary, since in this case you are not really “looking for clarification” pardon my pun! . Just leave it in primary for a good 3 weeks and you should be good to bottle as long as your gravity is stable. If you don’t yet own a hydrometer you should get one. The one thing that doesn’t usually come with a starter kit but should.

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I’m a HUGE PROPONENT of secondary. With that said, skip it on wheats and wits. Historically they have been cloudy and often add to the flavor and mouthfeel of the beer.