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Question on Efficiency

So I just did my first AG brew using the BIAB method for an Oatmeal Cookie Brown, (recipe is here: … eBrown.pdf )

The recipe was for a 3 gallon batch, which I modified for a 5 gallon batch by multiplying each ingredient by 1.67. My post-boil volume was about 5.5 gallons, and my OG ended up around 1.08, which according to is roughly 76.2%, which I’m assuming is pretty good from what I’ve read. My question is, the original 3 gallon recipe said I should have a target OG of 1.066, which leads me to ask, why the discrepancy? Not that I mind having a higher gravity beer, but I’m just puzzled as to why it came out so much higher than it should have. Any thoughts?

The efficiency assumed by the original recipe must have been much lower than the 70s, like 60% or something like that. Not sure why but it can happen. If you want the gravity lower, you could add more boiled water and divide the batch into two fermenters if you wish to make like 6.5 gallons instead. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Honestly, I don’t mind the higher gravity. I actually think a slightly stronger dark brown is more befitting the cold holiday season. One concern I have is that I intended this beer to be drinkable in 6 - 7 weeks, as per the recipe. I know, generally speaking, that higher gravity beers tend to need a bit more time in secondary/bottles to really mellow out. Would you anticipate this being the case with this one, or should I still be able to indulge by Christmas?

You can and should indulge, of course, whenever the beer tastes good. I believe it could happen by Christmas, but maybe not. Don’t know.

Well, I suppose there’s only one way to find out. Thanks for the advice! :cheers:

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