Question on colors


I am quite new to home brewing and over the last couple of months have made a Red Ale, the Brickwarmer and most recently the Belgian Triple.

The beers all taste awesome, but what is quite surprising to me is that even the Belgian Triple is very dark. I would expect the Red ale to be red, but the triple to me should be dark golden. In stead it is dark brown.

I have been reading about it, but it is not completely clear to me if this is normal and if so if this is due to extract brewing? Or am I doing something wrong?

Of course taste is most important, but it would be awesome to have a golden triple at some point.

Any input appreciated.


In extract brewing the darkening of the wort is normal in a long boil. Some brewers add some of the extract at the beginning of the boil, for hop oil extraction, and the remainder 15 minutes before the end of the boil.

So, if I understand correctly, using all grain the color would stay much lighter?

All grain brews will be more to the style color. That is if nothing horrendous happens to the boil. Flavor will be similar if the recipe ingredients are equals.

My brews got lighter (and prettier) after I switched to all grain.

Thanks for all the feedback. Appreciate it! :slight_smile:
I was already curious about all grain. Think I am going to give it a try pretty soon and see how it is different in outcome.