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Question from a beginner -Aluminum Kettle?

I was told that Aluminum should not be used as a brew kettle? I understand that Stainless steel would be the better option, but is Aluminum at least usable?

Nothing wrong with aluminum. You just need to oxidize the pot first. Fill it with water almost to the top and boil for 45 to 60min. You’ll notice a grayish color form on the inside of the pot. You want that! Don’t scrub it off or use any harsh cleaners or oxygen based cleaners like oxyclean, ever. Just some dish soap and a soft sponge.

It’s like the debate between carboy or bucket… the same goes for aluminum and stainless steel. Pros and cons to both sides. Everyone just needs to pick a side for themselves. I would prefer stainless steel, but use a turkey frier setup that came with a 30qt aluminum pot. Works just fine! Heats up and cools quickly. Can’t complain.

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