Question for those who adjust mash water?

Do you test for mash pH with strips or a pH meter or have you just brewed with no pH mash test and then adjusted mash water for the next time you brewed?

If you use a Ph meter which would your recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I use a Milwaukee MW101 because I like knowing exactly where I stand. I used pH strips for maybe a year, and was never really sure how accurate they were (which bothered me). I test Mash, Sparge, Pre-boil, Post-boil, and finished beer pH. Here is a link to how I settled in on the meter I have. ... ying_Guide

I use a meter, although I can’t recall which one.

The main thing with meters is to get one with a replaceable probe. The probes last a year or two at most, and it’s cheaper in the long run to replace the probe instead of the whole meter.

I have a meter, but do not use it anymore. I used to. But by using Brunwater and home-filtered RO water, I found that I was so close to the Brunwater prediction, that I no longer bother with even any pH measurement.

After multiple problems with multiple Milwaukee PH56’s (including many premature probe failures), I’ve switched to the Milwaukee MW102. Although calibration isn’t automated, it is very easy to calibrate. The probe is much easier to store and performance is very reliable.

I use a hm digital ph 200 I’ve had it about a year seems to work pretty good. I’m normally really close to what bruin water states so if it died I might not replace it.

I have a milwaukee ph56 meter. works great but it is slow sometimes. Agree with those above who stated that adjustments per brunwater are pretty much spot on so the meter is just insurance.

I use a Hanna pHep 4 (same one as I use at work). It’s fast, accurate, easy to calibrate, and it measures the temperature at the same time it measures the pH, which is pretty handy. It is a little more spendy than a lot of hand held meters at around $90 or so, but again, one generally gets what they pay for.