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Question for effects of fruit puree on bottling


I’m doing an all grain milk stout that is currently in primary now. In secondary I’m planning on adding some cacao nibs and 6 lbs. of cherry puree.

When it comes time to bottle out of secondary, do I need to make any adjustments to my priming sugar to prevent bottle bombs? I know the sweet cherry puree will have some residual sugar in it so I don’t want to overdo it and wind up with a bunch of bottle bombs due to over carbonation.

Any experience or thoughts on this process?

Personally I would wait for fermentation to complete before bottling. How long were you planning on leaving the cherry is the fermenter for?

I posted my chocolate cherry stout recipe so others can try it. I all ways add my cherry puree after primary fermentation is done. Then add it to the secondary for about seven days, I check my gravity after seven days and if stays the same i go ahead and bottle.

I personally think that you will be fine. If you are not seeing any further fermentation activity from your hydrometer or refractometer, I doubt that you will have enough residual sugar from the cherries at that point to make much of a difference on the carbonation level.

I am assuming that none of the solids or at least not a significant amount from the cherries are making it into your bottles?

You might want to consider boosting the fermentation temp at the tail end of your secondary by a few degrees and giving it an extra week in the ferementer if you want to play it safe.

Cool, thanks for the info.

I’ll give that a shot when I finish up secondary.


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