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Hi all,

A week ago, to the day, I brewed the Smashing Pumpkin Ale. Today, the krausen is already starting to fall in. I know the instructions, etc. say that roughly 1-2 weeks in primary and fermentation is done, but I’ve been reading and other people have been saying it took like 15-16 days, etc. Has anyone else had the same thing happen (the super quick fermentation)? Also, I don’t have a secondary so I was planning just keeping it in the primary; am I just supposed to keep it in the fermenter for an extra week even though there is no activity (never done a secondary beer before)? Thanks a lot for the help.

Yeah dude it’s totally normal. Fermentation for mid range beers can be done in a week easily. Just give it 3 or so weeks in primary to let yeast clean up. If you can, cold crash it by putting it somewhere close to freezing temperature for about a week before bottling. That’ll clear up your beer nicely especially if you use gelatin too. If not, oh well, just let it play for 3 weeks and bottle. Check the gravity though, just to be sure.

the warmer you ferment the faster the beer will be done. i’ve had some that the krausen fell in 2 days :shock:

I have secondaries and don’t use them in general…actually I use them as primaries for 3 gallon batches. All of my beers go 3-4 weeks in the primary before going into keg or bottle. No worries.

I am one of the ones that had a Smashing Pumpkin ale take about 3 weeks to primary. It was very strange and the same thing happened with a Caribou Slobber brewed at the same time. Both were with 1056 yeast.

Friday night I brewed two batches, both using 1056 yeast and the past two days they are bubbling like crazy, using the exact same process. Same yeast strain, same fermentors, same temp control etc. I am still scratching my head, but all of them will be good, I am sure!

I did the PM Smashing Pumpkin OG 1.070. Three roasted pie pumpkins and three lbs. of grains in the partial mash. Did a three day prior yeast starter of the 1056 and was at 1.020 in 10 days. The kreusen dropped with in the first ten days and I moved to secondary due to 2" of trub in the bottom of the carboy. Bottling Saturday while the boss is antiquing.

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