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Question: Bottle Conditioning Temps

I just bottled my stout. I currently have an ale fermenting at 63 in my brew fridge. Am I ok putting the bottles in there. I assume yes. I also wonder what temps i should target for bottle conditioning. I saw on another website where people where saying 70 degrees.

I think I know the answer, but if I don’t ask it will eat me from the inside.

carbonation will take place faster at room temp- assuming that is higher than the 63F of your brew fridge.

so, do you want to drink them sooner or later?!?

I can handle waiting three weeks, kinda…

On a similar vain, for those that cold crash prior to bottling (to reduce sediment), what are you doing to bring the temp back up once the beer is in the bottle…if anything? Assuming you’re just leaving at room temp (or bringing it in from the cold) but thought I’d ask.

I cold crash at 45 then bring back up to my homes temp of 64 over the next few days. Nothing special, just let it sit there.
I bottle and they sit at 64 for a few weeks. I usually have good carbination by a week, but another week makes the flavor best. For normal ales that is. My house is cold, but makes for good fermenting.

Thanks for the input guys.

Makes sense. Haven’t tried the cold crashing pre bottle. Like the idea. Will give it a go next time around. Appreciate the thoughts…

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