Question about wyeast 1469

Good day all,
I used 1469 for the first time ever this past Monday. I used it in an oatmeal stout and I have a question: I am getting a cidery smell in the airlock after 4 days and I’m not sure if that’s normal for this strain or if I have a bad batch on my hands. Any help or notes on experience with this yeast would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

RDWHAHB. This is my favorite English yeast strain. It’s way too soon to start worrying about that. Give it some time and it’ll be great!


Thanks, trying to relax. The smell is just really foul and I thought (hoped) maybe that was to be expected with this strain. We shall see.

I use this yeast a lot in bitters, english browns/milds, etc. I like it, but it has on occasion thrown some strong flavors at warmer temps. I, personally, prefer to ferment it on the low side (low 60’s). Not sure what temp. you are fermenting at, but that could be part of it.

One of the first times I used this yeast it produced a pretty funky tasting beer at 4-6 weeks. But, it really came around as it conditioned and was actually quite excellent a few weeks later. One of the stranger turn-arounds I ever had with a beer.

It is a nice yeast though, so keep playing around with it even if this first attempt does not seem to produce quite like you expected.