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Question about using paint strainer bag's

Hello are these bag food safe, an what a good size to buy I seen them in 1 gallon size an 5 gal size.?

5 gallon for a brew bag. 1 gallon for a hop bag. Not sure why they wouldn’t be food safe they are just nylon

I just bought a strainer bag from NB. Worked like a champ today. Drained the pots to zero and caught almost all the trub. Very pleased!

I use 5 gal paint strainer bags to contain my hops during the boil. The bag size allows it to billow open and let wort flow though for hop utilization but it keeps most of the hop residue out of the fermenter, so my harvested yeast slurry is cleaner.

I use the 1 gal bags for dry hopping. I always dip these in starsan prior to use.

Are they food safe? I dunno. I’m still kickin’…though not as high as I used to…

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