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Question about the Plinian Legacy brew

-It says under minimum requirements “Homebrewing starter kit for 5 gallon batches”

I have the deluxe starter kit so my primary is 6 gallons but after you cool the wort it says “add water
to bring it up to 6 gallons.” So if I do that, it will be filled to the VERY top.

So can I still brew this or do I have to buy a larger primary? Can I just not add as much water to the wort?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  • Carey

The instructions are correct - this kit has a lot of losses to trub and dry hops.
You basically have three choices in my eyes:

  1. Brew to instructions and use a blowoff hose (supplied in the deluxe kit) in your carboy
  2. Brew to a lesser volume to leave headspace in your carboy. This will result in a slightly stronger beer (but you’re making an IIPA, so that’s a good thing, right?)
  3. Brew to instructions. Go to your local homebrew shop and pick up a food safe 6.5-7gal bucket with grommeted lid. This was my choice. In addition, any of my recipes with late additions or dry hopping get fermented in buckets due to the ease of insertion and extraction. My other beers go in the carboys so I can watch the happy yeast swirl.

Enjoy it, this is a very tasty recipe!


Awesome! Thanks for the help Michael!


I have done this kit twice in my 6 gallon carboy with a blowoff hose each time. I had more of an issue racking to secondary because that was REALLY filled to the top minus the 2 or three test tubes I was simply forced to drink to not overflow the 5 gallon secondary. :lol: The first time I dry hopped in the secondary and had to take another thief worth out to get both hops bags in, this current batch I am dry hopping in a keg. It’s doable in a 6 gallon carboy but you definitely need a blowoff hose.


Yeah, I should have mentioned I don’t secondary beers under 6-8 weeks.

+1 DH it in the primary

Agreed. Easier. My typical routine for ales is 2-3 weeks in the primary and then another week with hops in the primary. I rarely transfer to a “secondary”.

I’m brewing this tomorrow and I’m confused on when to add the 3/4 pound corn sugar. At the beginning of the boil? Or at the very end (0 minute)?
Any help would be appreciated

End of the boil at flameout. Enjoy this awesome kit. My all grain finished product was delicious

I am brewing PL this weekend too, so if I am reading correctly a few of you fine fellas are not even using secondary, just dry hopping in the primary. I can see that with most beers but is it necessary/helpful to rack to secondary for this brew? It would sure cut down on time and sanitation issues.

IMHO it is not necessary to rack to secondary with this kit. I dry hopped twice into primary and all went well. Whether to secondary or not is a frequent debate here but I believe you’re fine not doing a secondary fermentation with the PL kit. Personal preference.

[quote=“FoamFollower”]I’m brewing this tomorrow and I’m confused on when to add the 3/4 pound corn sugar. At the beginning of the boil? Or at the very end (0 minute)?
Any help would be appreciated[/quote]
You can do either won’t really make any difference.

It’s in the fermenter. Whew, forgot to FWH, but I think I’m going to be ok. I wanted to do a double batch but it won’t work in a 15 gal B.K. Just bought the damn thing because the work load for a 10 gallon batch is the same as a 5. Oh well, next batch up in two weeks is P.L. :mrgreen:

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