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Question about secondary

Hello friends! Long time beer lover, first time brewer here. My first batch was crafted using the TrueBrew Oktoberfest kit. I brewed a little over 3 weeks ago, and racked to a secondary after my gravity was the same for a few days (it was also was within the FG in the instructions). I am now 1 week into the secondary and I noticed small white grains lining the ridges of the carboy. I am assuming it is yeast, but I am not too sure. I also have noticed bubbles coming up from the bottom and settling on the top. Does this seem like normal behavior? Pics below!

It’s hard to tell, but it looks like it’s just CO2 that’s coming out of the beer. (off-gassing) Your beer will have some CO2 suspended in it from fermentation. I believe that’s all it is. As long as there’s not a noticeable off smell/flavor, and it doesn’t look like pellicle (Cottage Cheese-ish layer on top) I think you are just fine.

Welcome to homebrewing…ask lots of questions, this forum is a great tool.

I gave it a taste while I was racking and it seemed fine. I also do not notice any off scents. In fact, it smells very good. I’m going to take another gravity reading, and most likely bottle this weekend. Thank you for the info!

I’ve noticed that the yeast like to settle on the ridges in the carboy. What size is your secondary? It looks like it has quite a bit of headspace.

I’m using a 6 gallon glass carboy. Before I pitched the yeast there was right at 5 gallons in the primary. Do you typically lose much volume after you rack off of the the trub into a secondary?

Normally it’s OK to use a 6 gallon for your Primary but they usually recommend a 5 gallon for your Secondary to eliminate the head space to prevent introduction of extra oxygen. Your other option and the one I use unless I’m adding something that requires it or I’m going for a long ferment is to just leave it in the primary then you don’t have to worry as much.

Thank you all for the advice! Bottling day is Sunday, and with it more experience!

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