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Question about second brew

I brewed NB Honey Brown on Saturday, and it is actively fermenting.
I brewed the NB Petite Saison on Friday, and it is doing fine also.

My petite saison the hops are coming up to the top or something is.

While with the Honey Brown, I don’t see any.


When I added the hops to the Honey Brown they got stuck on the side of the pot at the top and not in the boil?

Will this affect the Honey Brown? Should I have stirred in the hops?

Sorry - I know stupid noob question?

Are both beers in a fermentor?

The hops and other “stuff” that rise are normal, it is called the Krausen. It happens during active fermentation and no need to worry about it.

And yes, you want to stir in the hops during the boil. I don’t know all the scientific stuff that happens, but boiling the hops is how many of the yummy oils get worked into the wort.

So since most of the hops stuck to the sides of the pot at boil, is there anything I can do or am I overanalyzing it? I just don’t see the hops in the Honey Brown that I do in the Petite Saison.


Did they stick to the sides near the end as you lost volume to evaporation? Or for the whole time? If just near the end, then I don’t think it would be noticeable.

Honestly, I would not worry to much about it. Worst case, it will be a little extra malty and slightly sweet. Totally drinkable though! I like my browns kinda sweet.

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