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Question about my first lager brew

So i’m using a swamp cooler for my fermentation and pitched my yeast around 48 degrees, then i went to bed. When i went down in the morning to check on my beer the temp went down to 40 degrees. I took the carboy out of the swamp cooler to warm up. im guessing i made the yeast dorment, could i add some oxygen to wake them up?

Whoa. Cold up there in MN? Was it in the basement or something? I would allow it to warm up slowly and you will eventually see activity. Maybe you don’t even need the swamp cooler. Try to get it in a spot that is as consistent as possible because lager yeast doesn’t really like wild temp swings. Cheers & good luck.

my basement stays around 58 in the winter time. i figured with the rise in temp with fermentation that the swamp cooler would be a good idea.


Well its up to 50 now, so we will see what happens.

Try to keep it there with the most appropriate amount of ice. If you find the ice drops it too low try just using the wet t-shirt/fan method.

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