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Question about kegging?

Hello I think I might have a problem with my Co2 regulator. See I had to replace the input gauge on my regulator but here the problem I am having my regulator is set to 10psi an I notice after awhile it slowly dips below what I have it set too what would cause this problem?

Is the temp of the beer changing during this time?

Its probably just absorbing the co2 and temperature change. I have to adjust my regulator about twice a day for 3 or 4 days when I put a freshly filled keg into my keezer. Also, make sure that the valve is set to open. My first kegging experience I was experiencing something similar only to realize a few days later that I hadn’t opened the the valve that is separate from the regulator. I just kept adjusting it to compensate for the correct pressure but no carbon dioxide was entering the keg at all. Brew, keg, and learn I suppose. Hope this helps

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