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Question about kegging beer?

Hello I am have some trouble figuring this out with my keg? See I have a 3gal keg of beer inside my compact refrigerator an I have my inkbird itc 308 set to 38f which should bring my beer pour temp to about 40f but for some reason my temp controller seem to be setting at 46 to 47 an doesn’t seem to going down in temp an when I go to pour a beer I use my digital thermometer to measure the temp of my pour it reading at 48f. I did calibrate my inkbird temp controller in ice water an it was just off by -0.01. I don’t know if my compact Refrigerator is going out on me or not.

do you have to open your fridge door to get you beer or is the tap on the outside?

Sounds like maybe the fridge thermostat won’t let it go any lower. Do you have it turned all the way down? Have you checked the lowest temp the fridge will cool to?

temp controller on a FRIDGE? WHY?

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Great catch DannyBoy!! :confused:

I don’t get it…I. think he’s trying to make it colder…doesn’t work like that but he won’t respond to this again anyway…that’s his MO…post and ghost…


Temperature controllers on a mini fridge was a standard way of fermentation control when I was starting brewing. An incandescent light bulb was an internal heat source and the fridge was the cool and somehow a controller would swap the 2 and maintain a constant temp. Y’all remember those days?


Yes I have to open the door on my compact refrigerator to pour me a beer…

Like was mentioned you shouldn’t need a temp controller for a fridge. Whether or not you have to open the door it’s negligible to me. Your tubing isn’t going I’m warm up that much to pour a beer. Likely the temp controller on a fridge s the culprit. Usually these are used on a freezer to kept them from , well, freezing.

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Yea now that you mention it I do remember that.

@Hardbrewer123 whoa you’re back. apologies for the slanderous remarks. I think you’ll get better results if you just turn the fridge and if there’s a little freezer temp control in the corner, turn them both to the coldest setting and see what you get.

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