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Question about first starter

Hi All,
just made my first starter, WYeast 2112 for CA common PM.

I followed NB instructions for a small starter, 650 ml water (I used 700 ml).
boiled, added 1/2 cup dme, boiled 15 minutes, added yeast from puffed up pack.

let it sit for 24 hours, at about 65*, but I wasn’t home much, did swirl it when I could.

now it has a thin layer of yeast on bottom, less than 1/2 inch, in a 2 liter flask, with clear wort on top.

is it ready? it doesn’t seem like much of a layer of yeast, but maybe that’s all there is?
I am only pitching it tomorrow, Sat, afternoon.
should I refrigerate it now?


Does it out-gass if you swirl it up now?
Sounds like you grew some yeast,
If you pitch an old pack and the yeast settles while it’s rebuilding and gearing up to grow,
It settles into a layer thats barely visable, like 1/8", so at nearly 1/2" you should have some good yeast.
Swirl it and smell it to make sure it’s done completely,
So they yeast aren’t trying to wake back up and jumping around when you’re trying to pour it off.

when I swirl it, I get a nice white head of foam.

it smells VERY yeasty.

it IS a thin layer, maybe about 1/4-1/3 inch really.

should I refrigerate til tomorrow?


This starter will be fine, but in the future, you should weigh out the DME. 10g for every 100ml of water or 100g for every liter. It’s more accurate then a measuring cup.

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