Question about first brew Irish Red Ale


On the 27th I started my first ever brew. I got the Irish Red Ale Essential Brewing kit for Christmas and really enjoyed the whole brewing process. My beer is fermenting, and I’m getting bubbles in my airlock very consistently, so everything is going smooth so far.

My question is, after the first 1-2 weeks of fermentation do I need to do a secondary fermentation or can I go straight to bottling? I’ve seen people here on these forums say after the first 2 weeks to bottle, and the directions say to do a secondary fermentation for another 2 weeks.

Can I bottle after the first couple weeks of fermenting, or do I need to do a 2nd fermentation?


As you have read, some do and some don’t. You will have to decide if the work of cleaning and sanitizing more equipment gives you a better product.

I feel I get the same product by leaving the beer in one vessel for 3-4 weeks verses transferring it to a second vessel after 2 weeks, and leaving it there for 2 weeks.

So I can just let it do its thing for 2 weeks and go straight to bottling and everything should be fine? Thanks for the help.

If you only do primary, I would give it another week or two. Generally will make better beer. Notice Nighthawk said 3-4 weeks in primary, not skip the secondary time altogether. That being said, lots of people bottle after two weeks so it would probably work.