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Question about diluted Star San and bleach

Now I know better than to mix Star San with anything other than water — duh, right? I decided that I’m going to give this stuff a try for all my kegs and carboys, but then I began to wonder about how Star San would react with bleach at various concentrate levels.

Given that I cannot predict when my wife is going to decide to either wash/sanitize the sink out with bleach (or run a load of wash with bleach) — I started to wonder how Star San would react on a more diluted level.

Would anyone be able to give an authoritative answer as to if it would be safe for my wife to bleach the sink out if there were some Star San foam left in the sink from dumping out the diluted mixture? I’m certainly not a chemist and don’t know if it would be safe or not, or if there’d be any sort of reaction between full-on bleach with Star San foam.

The foam is mostly the detergent so it wouldn’t be a big deal. I wouldn’t mix large quantities of the two, bleach and acid (Starsan has phosphoric acid) creates some chlorine gas.

That’s what I suspected, Lenny, that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. And nighthawk, thanks for passing along that e-mail address. I’ll drop them a line and post here what their response might be.


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