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Question about "Couplers"

I am pretty new to homebrew and am currently finishing up my all grain setup!

I just learned about couplers I would like to add them to my kettles, but want to make sure I am buying the right products.

I am looking to add them to a 1/2 ball valve setup. Could somebody please advise me on the items I would need to add a coupler system for easy tube disconnect.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks so much!

Are you going to have them welded in or go weldeless I recently added some couplers when I upgraded my system with a whirlpool attachment. I had this piece welded in: ... side..html

This piece allows you to add a ball valve on the outside of the kettle while providing a 1/2" female on the inside to attach certain things.

Unless you are a big DIYer I would have them welded in. Just my 2 cents.

I have three different sizes of kettles so I got some camlocks for them so I can hook up the March pump for whirlpooling and transfers. I think I bought them from They work very well. The male fitting just screws into the valve, I use weldless valves on all the kettles that I install myself. All you need is a step bit to drill a hole and install the valves.

Hey Tom, so I can just purchase this ( and then attach this ( … -Barb.html) to it?

I use those disconnects everywhere on my system and like them quite a bit. I use a street elbow and a type B camlock … isconnects in a lot of areas since the 90’s make it easier to hook things up without kinking the hose.


But what does the camlock attach to?

With those types of cam locks you will want to put the male on the kettle and the female on the hose as you have to close and open the locking arms. Here are the disconnects that I use: ... uct_id=216

and ... uct_id=197

Sorry I didn’t get back but it looks like you got good advice. The 1/2" camlock male fitting screws right into the no-weld valve. I’ve never had one leak and they are pretty much impervious to the heat coming from under the kettle during the boil, although I generally put a deflector (piece of sheet metal) under the valve to prevent heat from scorching the high-temp o-ring.

Thank you!!

Here is an image of the typical camlock disconnect configuration (pic taken from BrewHardware)

[quote=“Flip”]Here is an image of the typical camlock disconnect configuration (pic taken from BrewHardware)

Nice. I didn’t think about having the elbow on the tubing; mine is on the kettle…

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