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Question about Caribou

OK. New to all this. Got the caribou kit and followed the directions. In the morning the fermentation activity had gone up and through the airlock. I left it alone for most of the day till I could see that there was no more foam coming up through the airlock. Got another airlock sanitized exchanged the two.

Beer is in carboy in my freezer. I have a digital controller…and the temp on the side of the carboy (using a strip) shows 66.

Anyway by the end of day 2 the kruezen has completely fallen and there is no activity in the airlock (from reading the forums…airlock activity is not conclusive).

Am I OK? I would have thought I would still see some foam going on after 2 days.

I used the danstar windsor ale yeast. Made a starter with it.

Yep, you’re perfectly fine. Sounds normal to me.

For future reference, I advise using a blowoff hose instead of an airlock during active fermentation. Sounds like you got lucky this time.

After seeing the foam coming up to and through the airlock the first thing I did was google blowoff hose and how to set it up. That will be something I do in the future for all batches.

Dry yeast packs have more than enough yeast in them. No need for a starter. And may be detrimental to the yeast to make one.

You can skip the air locks and use a blow off tube from start to finish.
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