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Question about Bourbon Barrel Porter FG

Hi all i am brewing Bourbon Barrel Porter. My OG reading was right on and this is the third week in the primary. I did a reading, its 1.020. my question is that ready for the secondary?

The last one I did came in at about 1.075 and after 3 weeks it was 1.024. I transferred it to secondary and am hoping for a few more points over a 3-4 week secondary. The ibrew software predicted a 1.021 FG on the one I did (I subbed in 4lbs of smoked malt for some of the maris otter in mine). I would say you are in pretty good shape at this point.

one more question, is there a rule of how FG should be. my last batch, I did honey brown ale. the OG was 1.052 and after 3 weeks in primary, the reading was 1.006.

There is no “standard” FG - going to depend on your ingredients, yeast, alcohol content, mash temps, etc. Anything with honey is going to be more highly fermentable and a lower FG should be expected. Some grains/malts are not as fermetable and FG will remain higher. Lots of variables affect it. Any brewing software/recipe software will often give you an expected FG.

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