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Question about a cyser

I know this is the cider board–and there is also the mead board. But, there is no cyser board…so I hope you all don’t mind me posting here.

I am making my first batch of cyser and wanted to add carbonation to at least SOME of the batch when I bottle it. How much priming sugar should I add? It’s not a beer so the usual 5/8-3/4 cup priming sugar probably isn’t correct. I appreciate your suggestions.


That depends on how much carbonation you want in there, what kind of yeast you are using for the secondary bottle fermentation, how much alcohol was origionally present, and probably some more factors that don’t immediately come to mind. Post the specifics of your recipe (OG, FG, type of yeast used minimum) to give us something to work from.

I got the idea from a couple of guys on this and the mead forum to use two cans of frozen condensed apple juice for priming a 5 gallon batch. I did this for my fist cider and it worked great.

Unfortunately, the first was GREAT but my hygrometer broke (2nd one in last 2 months) just before I made the cyser, so I have no readings–making adding sugar a bit non-scientific/non-precise. So, I guess it’s only guesswork if I try that way.

The concentrate way sounds interesting. Will I need to add any new yeast or will there be enough viable yeast in it after six months of fermenting/aging?

While not at all a cyser, I recently found a beer recipe that called for adding a can of cran-raspberry concentrate and it made a great beer. So, the idea of a concentrate doesn’t sound too bad.


Yep, re-yeast.

My initial yeast I used was an ale yeast (Munton’s). I’ve heard some use champagne yeast for the later addition.

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