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Quality control on false bottoms

I recently received a false bottom from NB that was supposed to be specifically for my 15 gallon polar ware pot. The tolerances were terrible. Is there supposed to be a 1/4in gap between the false bottom and the side of the pot? Seems like that gap is defeating the purpose

1/4 inch sounds a bit much.

One solution to this that might work is to take a piece of old racking hose, then w/ a utility knife, cut through one side of the hose so looking on end the hose is no longer a “O” but instead a “C”. Press the open cut onto the edge of the false bottom and wrap it all the way around to the length you need. It might make up for the extra space, but then it might not.
I only consider this a secondary solution behind getting a bottom that fits properly.

I would contact N.B. They have been fantastic, I say again, they have been fantastic about taking stuff back that has been less then perfect.
I returned a beaker that I had for 6 months before the first use. It had a “nipple” right where the magnet should sit and spin and so it kept throwing it off.
A cooler set up began to delaminate that a friend of mine owned. Returned and replaced months after buying it with no problem.
Good luck

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