QD Connections

I have been kegging for a little while now. The one thing that I have noticed is that QD connections seem to be rather poor. The reason why I say this is that if the QD is pressed to the side at all you can hear gas escape. While you would say don’t press against the side, this is not always easy to avoid, especially in a kegerator. So my question is, is there a better connection out there? Does Ball lock do this less than Pin lock? Has anyone found a better Poppit O-ring that is much thicker and thus allows this to occur less?

Any suggestions/answers are greatly appreciated.

My kegs are all ball locks, so I can’t tell you about a direct comparison with pin locks. All of my kegs were purchased used, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time replacing o-rings and poppets and tracking down an air leak here or there.

I tried those universal poppets on one of my kegs, and it sealed so tight with the big spring on it that the beer would not flow under a normal PSI. So I ditched those and tracked down the correct poppets.

I also built one of these pressure testers to track PSI - easy to build if you have a good hardware store around. http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/bleeder-valve.html

But once I’ve gotten issues corrected with my ball locks, they’ve been solid - no leaks from the in or out posts.

I’m starting to think that the o-ring on the post is my problem. They just don’t seem to be thick enough. I haven’t had any troubles with my kegs and then all of a sudden my last few times kegging, my kegs have given me trouble.

Try a little keg lube on the o-rings.